· The E-Poster stations for discussion sessions are located in the Foyers on levels 1 and 2. Stations 1-3 are located on level 1, Stations 4-6 on level 2. Please locate the individual E-Poster station allocated for the session you are moderating.

· Stations will be numbered. This information will be available via the Mobile App. Please ask at the E-Poster Helpdesk if you have any doubt. 

· The E-Poster Discussion sessions take place in an open space, clustered around electronic poster screens. There will be one microphone per station. You are responsible to ensure that the microphone is passed from one speaker to the next, and that each speaker uses it effectively.

· Please arrive at the E-Poster stations 10 minutes before the start of the Discussion session in order to receive your microphone (from the E-Poster Helpdesk in the Foyer on your level and then locate your station. You will need to familiarize yourself with the operation of the E-Poster screen so that you can find and display each speaker's E-Poster. You may need to show the speaker how to use the pointing and zooming facilities that the E-Poster is equipped with. If you need any technical help, please ask at the E-Poster Helpdesk.

· Each E-Poster Presenter will have 3 minutes to present his/her E-Poster plus 2 minutes for discussion – a total of 5 minutes. It is essential to keep the session running to time. Please do not allow presenters to exceed their 5 minutes. If there is time for questions, you should moderate the Q&A, passing the microphone to the person who wishes to ask a question. Please try to formulate at least one or two questions for each presentation to ensure each speaker (if they leave time) is asked at least one question.

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