WIP 2018 - Abstract Topics

Abstract Topics


1. Basic Research

2. Cancer and Palliative Care

3. Chronic Pain

4. Pain Epidemiology, Economics and Healthcare Systems

5. Headache and Orofacial Pain

6. Low Back and Spinal Pain

7. Neuropathic Pain

8. Pain in Special Populations (Pregnancy, Children, Elderly)

9. Postoperative Pain and Pain Nursing

10. Regenerative Medicine, Rheumatologic and Musculoskeletal Pain, Fibromyalgia,      Rehabilitation, and Disability

11. Pain Diagnosis and Evaluation

12. Treatment Approaches: Interventional

13. Treatment Approaches: Neuromodulation

14: Treatment Approaches: Pharmacologic

15. Treatment Approaches: Physical Therapy

16: Treatment Approaches: Psychosocial and Cognitive

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